If you know me by now, you know I LOVE starting businesses. It’s kind of my thing.

And, honestly, a lot of them fail! Of course I’m disappointed when a business doesn’t do well, but I always try to learn, grow, and move on as quickly as possible.

But in 2016, I was able to grow a service based business from nothing to $100,000 in revenue in only 8 months.

And I started the biz with only $50!

So what kind of business did I grow?

Drum roll please……

A dog walking business!

I know, not ground-breaking stuff here. But before you click away, wait!

It’s not about the TYPE of business I grew, it’s about HOW I grew it. I used basic business principles that everyone needs to know in order to be successful!

I won’t write all about it in this post because you’ll get a better idea watching my YouTube video here:

But I’ll go over some basics here!

By the way, these are all things I’m teaching in my 30 Day Dream Biz Roadmap course which launches November 21st!

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So what steps did I follow to grow my biz?

There are three basic things every business needs to be successful:

A desirable product/service: it doesn’t matter how GOOD your products and services are if nobody wants to buy them! We can get so caught up in creating things for ourselves that we forget to think about what our audience needs.

The right price: You may THINK your service is worth thousands of dollars, but if your audience doesn’t think it brings them value, it’s worth nothing! The same goes if you price yourself too low. If you’re not making enough money per client or per product, your business will be doomed to fail!

The right audience: Say you have an AWESOME fitness course for new moms and babies. It’s loaded with value and it’s priced right for your market. Now imagine you advertise that course in front of 15 year old boys.

You’re probably not going to get any sales.

Does it mean your product sucks? Absolutely not!

Do you need to start dropping your price? NO!

But so many of us start second guessing the WRONG things when it turns out we just needed to get in front of the RIGHT audience!

But enough rambling from me! Check out my YouTube video about how I built my 6-figure biz and hopefully you’ll be inspired to build yours! <3